Roof Moss Removal

Here on Vashon Island, a moss covered roof can be spotted all over the place. Our team can safely remove moss from your home as prep your roof for a long winter. Give our team a call for an estimate.

Vashon Landscaping uses baking soda as an alternative to zinc powder or strips as they can be har harmful to pets and plants.

Why is Moss Bad for my Vashon Island Roof?

Moss Removal here in the Pacific Northwest is critical. Washington is known for its wet and rainy weather. Here are some reasons why you want to get that moss removed from your houses roof ASAP:

Moss can weaken the strength and integrity of your roof, taking years off of the life of the roof
It may allow water to leak under your roofing and create water damage to your home.
Moss can absolutely damage your tiles, shakes or shingles.
Having moss on your roof can increase and encourage mold and bacteria.

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