Vashon Island Pruning Services

Tree and bush pruning is just one of the Vashon Home Services we provide. Vashon has so many trees, every time the wind blows we get called to trim or clean up large messes. One way to help your trees from falling down in wind storms is to ensure they are property trimmed.

Some of Our Vashon Island Pruning Services


Our crews hand pruned for a soft, natural looking hedge or machine cut for a more sculpted look. 


It’s getting hotter and hotter as the years go by. Retired, certified, wildland firefighter at your service to reduce the chance of fire spreading to your property. Ask us!!!

Full Firewood Services

Falling. Bucking. Hauling. Splitting. Stacking. We can process a cord in roughly two hours.


We can chip up to six inch diameter material. Our machine is very efficient and you’ll find we have very competitive pricing.

Large Tree Maintenance

Height reduction, weight reduction, overall size reduction. Health pruning, deadwood removal, windsail reduction. We do it all.


Have a tree that has fallen down? We can delimb the tree and cut it into rounds for firewood. Need it split? We can do that as well.
Hazardous Tree Cutting, Bucking, Splitting, Chipping, Small Debris Removal. Whatever it takes to get your yard looking good again.

Poison Oak Removal

I was blessed with the super power of being immune to poison oak so I might as well share that gift too.

Ivy Removal

Whether it’s full removal or simply carefully cut the vines, we would be be happy to do so for you. Any ivy, anywhere.

Hillside and Slide Area Restoration

Constructing walls and planting natives and other appropriate plants to maintain a stable terrain.