Sprinkler System Installation

winterize your Vashon Island sprinkler system

We install and service island sprinkler systems. We encourage regular maintenance and flushing of sprinkler systems. Our winters get cold, and that is a perfect time for your sprinkler system to get damaged. The cold can freeze and break sprinkler lines if they are not installed, winterized and maintained. 

We have a number of Vashon Island Sprinkler Service offerings:

  • Sprinkler System Design
  • Sprinkler System Installation
  • Sprinkler System Inspection
  • One time Sprinkler System Maintenance
  • Bi-Yearly Sprinkler System Maintenace 

Each of our services are available to our Vashon Island neighbors. Whether you go with Vashon Island Landscaping or not, here are some questions you should always ask your1

1. What kind of sprinkler components are going to be used?

Any great sprinkler or irrigation specialist should be able to answer this question. What you, the home or business owner is trying to get from this question is a sense of what your installation specialist knows and understands. Do they know what side of the island gets the most rain and why this might change the list of components necessary for your project.

2. Is a safety valve going to be installed and where?

The safety valve is one of the most important part of the sprinkler system. It ensures that your system can get service as well as prevents lots of waisted water. 

3. Will this sprinkler system come with a rain sensor?
One considered something very high tech and unattainable for most people, the rain sensor is a great way to help prevent overwatering and water waste. On the island we are very considerate of our delicate eco-environments. Rain sensors are responsible all the way around. 

4. Will this sprinkler system have a back flow device installed?
The backflow prevention component makes sure that potable water does not come back into your home system. This is a SUPER important piece of the sprinkler system. Our suggestion is to put one in because it can save you SO much money down the road.

5. Do you offer a warranty of any kind?

Even if it is just a year, it is important that your sprinkler company warranties their work. This shows that there is a quality level they are willing to achieve when installing your system.

6. Do you offer yearly and bi-yearly sprinkler system maintenance?

Again, a super important service to ensure your installation company will perform. Heck, if they are an on-island landscaping service like us, they sure as heck better offer you some maintenance packages. We offer a number of them, just contact us.

7. “What is the sprinkler system design look like?”

Your system installer should have a rough idea about how your system would look. Ask them to share their sketches and diagrams with you to see if they make sense. There might be some pre-existing issues you might not know about. For instance, where your septic line and field is within your property. Utilities and other underground services as well.