Vashon Island Moss Removal

Vashon Island roof moss removal - before we finished

Vashon Landscaping understands how moss removal works on the island. Lots of rain and shade makes for a great moss garden on your roof and walkways, especially on North facing roofs.

What happens if you do leave moss on your Vashon Island home? If a moss is not addressed, the moss can start damaging your roofing material and start to allowing water under the roofing material which can potentially damage your roof.

When addressing moss on your roof, our goal is to preserve the integrity of your roof. How do we do this? Well, we start by removing the big clumpy moss building up on your roof. We knock off the moss with special brushes. Our highly trained crew focuses on keeping the integrity of your roof in tact. We do this by ensuring we are not knocking off aggregate from your roof while we are brushing the the moss off.

Rios Lawn Management - Vashon Island

Then, we use commercial blowers to blow off the roof of the remaining debris. We then clean out the gutters, while inspecting the gutters for issues. Then, we clean out the downspouts so that water flows away from the home.

Then, after the roof is clean, Vashon Island Landscaping spreads on some anti moss product on the roof to help kill off any moss that is left in the cracks of the roofing material. 

Once we brush of that moss, Then, we apply a moss control product to kill any remaining moss. Vashon Landscaping also provide bi-yearly a maintenance options where we keep your moss under control all year. 


Vashon Island Brush Removal

Vashon Island brush removal - Rios Lawn Management - Before and after

Time to take back that part of your land that has overgrown and has attached itself to the rest of the Vashon Island flora. Our Vashon Island brush removal and landscaping team is ready to take on any job your have, large or small. We have the tools and the team to take back your lawn or farm. 

Our crew will come out and take back what was once yours. 🙂

Vashon Island is all about growing. We have tons of farms and large properties that need to be cleared every once so often. Let my crew come in take care of your landscaping needs.

We service all of Vashon Island, including the following neighborhoods:

Vashon Heights
Spring Beach
Fern Heath
Shore Acres

Glen Acres
Magnolia Beach
Bethel Park
Harbor Heights

Fill out the form to get a free quote. I will come out personally and let you know what we think it will take to get that brush and flora removed.

Landscaping to Prepare for a Vashon Island Winter

Vashon Island Leaf cleanup and Removal

Winter is coming as they say, and there are some landscaping tasks that should be completed before winter hits Vashon Island head on. Here are just some of the Winter landscaping services that we do for our island clients

Clear branches, twigs, tree and ground debris from your lawn and property
Use compost to fertilize and nourish your garden and flower beds
For your lawn, we get it raked and thatched. Removing debris and dead grass
We can trim your trees and shrubs, removing potential hazards during a wind storm. As we all know, the power goes out on Vashon Island all the time
Our aeration services loosen up compacted soil for grass roots to breathe

We can wrap up the bottoms of your new trees to protect them from the wind and cold

Here is a tip: If you are mowing your own lawn, on your last mow of the fall, keep the clippings on the lawn. It will help your lawn and provide nutrients throughout the winter.