Landscaping to Prepare for a Vashon Island Winter

Vashon Island Leaf cleanup and Removal

Winter is coming as they say, and there are some landscaping tasks that should be completed before winter hits Vashon Island head on. Here are just some of the Winter landscaping services that we do for our island clients

Clear branches, twigs, tree and ground debris from your lawn and property
Use compost to fertilize and nourish your garden and flower beds
For your lawn, we get it raked and thatched. Removing debris and dead grass
We can trim your trees and shrubs, removing potential hazards during a wind storm. As we all know, the power goes out on Vashon Island all the time
Our aeration services loosen up compacted soil for grass roots to breathe

We can wrap up the bottoms of your new trees to protect them from the wind and cold

Here is a tip: If you are mowing your own lawn, on your last mow of the fall, keep the clippings on the lawn. It will help your lawn and provide nutrients throughout the winter.